PLACE Assessments

How are our members most passionate and gifted for serving?
Do your volunteers "burn out" after a short period of time because it turns out they were in the wrong position, even if they were passionate about that general area of ministry? Have some congregation members hesitated to get involved because they haven't figured out who God made them to be, in terms of spiritual gifts and service? Do church staff members feel overloaded with work because of a lack of capable volunteers to help?
Mobilyzr uses the PLACE Ministries system for the "identifying" element in the mobilization process. The intentional PLACE system helps individuals identify their potential best-fit matches in ministry, and helps church leaders connect volunteers into ministry positions that are appropriate to volunteers' strengths and spiritual maturity level. The ideal identification process involves three main aspects:
  • • Discovering for themselves God's unique design for them as individuals, through a series of five teaching modules and PLACE Assessment questionnaires.
  • • Interpreting the Assessment results through individualized coaching with a trained PLACE Consultant.
  • • Tracking participants from their PLACE workshop experience and consultation, through successful ministry placement, and adjusting the placement system as needed changes are noted.
The PLACE Assessment consists of a set of five questionnaires to identify a person's unique combination of personality, spiritual gifts, abilities (most productive kind of work environment), passion for service (both felt and demonstrated), and life experiences. The PLACE Assessment is available in both online and printed booklet versions. Results from both kinds can be stored in a subscriber's PLACE Volunteer Database. You can use PLACE Assessments as stand-alone tools, or combine them seamlessly with other products in the "mobilyzr Online" suite. (Also, you can use spiritual gift inventories from other companies, and enter the data into the PLACE Volunteer Database.)
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